a dog drinking from a hose

Choose the Right Drinking Water for your Dog?

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Choose the Right Drinking Water for your Dog?

a dog drinking from a hose
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Right Water for your Dog. There are different types of water for your dog to drink and it greatly depends on the breed and lifestyle.

Introduction: Why is It Important to Provide Right Water for your Dog?

Water is the most important nutrient for dogs. It provides them with energy, hydration, and it helps regulate their blood sugar levels.

Dogs need to drink at least 10 times more water than humans do in order to stay healthy because they have a higher metabolism and they also release more heat through their paws. Dogs can’t cool themselves as effectively as people so they need higher levels of water throughout the day in order to prevent themselves from overheating.

Not recommended

Tap water:

Tap water can be harmful for your pet as it contains hazardous materials like chlorine and lead. It is not recommended to drink tap water either, which means dogs shouldn’t drink it either.

Filtered tap water:

Filtered tap water contains less chlorine and lead, meaning that it’s safer than the raw tap but still not recommended to use on a regular basis.

Spring Water:

spring water is usually clear and comes from a natural, unspoiled source. It has an alkaline pH, which can be difficult for some dogs to digest.

Tap Water With Conditioner:

Tap water with conditioner can mask the bad taste and odor of tap water but it doesn’t have any nutritional benefits or have any effect on the pH.

Distilled Water:

It is important to note that distilled water is not recommended for dogs. It has no nutrients, minerals, or vitamins that are essential for your dog’s health. Distilled water can also lead to problems with teeth and bones as it does not contain any salts or minerals that help promote bone development.

Bottled Water:

Bottled water is an excellent choice for your dog as it is typically safe from bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals. Bottled waters can vary in quality depending on the brand.

Bottled Mineral Water:

Bottled mineral waters have been purified and disinfected, making them safe for pets to drink as they contain no hazardous substances like metals or bacteria.

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