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Hi. My name is Dr. Smith and I’m a veterinarian. Today I’m going to be talking about how to treat dogs with Parvovirus.

Parvovirus is an incredibly contagious and deadly virus that affects both puppies and adult dogs. Symptoms of the virus include vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, loss of appetite, and lethargy. If you think your dog may be suffering from Parvovirus, it is imperative that you take them to the vet immediately, as the virus can rapidly lead to death.

When dogs are diagnosed with Parvovirus, the best course of action is to hospitalize them. Treatment will involve intravenous antibiotics, fluids, and anti-nausea medications. During the hospitalization period your dog will be monitored closely and all their vitals taken to make sure they are receiving all the proper care they need.

It is also important to keep your dog in a clean environment during their treatment. Since Parvovirus is incredibly contagious, it is absolutely essential that you keep other animals away from your dog until they are fully recovered.

Lastly, following discharge from the hospital, you will need to follow your vet’s instructions for at-home care for your dog. This may include restricting activity for a period of time and continuing any medications prescribed.

In conclusion, Parvovirus can be a deadly illness for dogs if not treated correctly. If you think your dog may have Parvovirus, it’s important to take them to your vet immediately. Hospitalization and antibiotics are often necessary in order to treat the virus, with follow up care and monitoring at home once they have recovered. Thanks for watching and I hope this was helpful!

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