Creatures who eat their own babies

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Hello and welcome to the top ten list of creatures who eat their own babies. Let’s jump right into the list! 

At number 10 we have the black widow. As its namesake suggests, the female of this species frequently consumes the male after or during mating. 

At number 9 we have the Praying Mantis. Female Praying Mantises sometimes eat the head of their mate during mating, however if the female is hungry enough she may also consume her own eggs after she lays them. 

Coming in at number 8 is the redback spider. Like its relative the black widow, the female redback spider will sometimes cannibalize the male during mating. 

Number 7 on our list is the Tasmanian Devil. These animals are known for their aggression. As such, mothers will sometimes eat their young if they are threatened in any way. 

Number 6 is the Leopard Gecko. This small reptile is known to cannibalize its own young, particularly if they are stressed or injured. 

Number 5 is the Pharaoh Ant. This animal engages in a type of cannibalism called matriphagy, where a female ant will eat her own eggs or larvae to feed her colony. 

The fourth spot on this list is occupied by the Cane Toad. Female Cane Toads will sometimes consume their own offspring to gain nutritional benefits. 

Number 3 is the Grey Wolf. When a pack of Grey Wolves has too many members, some of them will be killed and eaten by their own family members. 

Number 2 belongs to the Humpback Whale. These animals are known for their social behavior, however they can also be quite aggressive and mothers may eat their own young if food is scarce. 

Finally, at number 1 we have the Polar Bear. A female Polar Bear will kill and eat her own cubs if she is threatened or unable to find enough food in her environment. 

That was our list for the top ten creatures who eat their own babies. Thank you for watching and stay tuned for next week’s top ten list!

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