Creatures with the fastest reflex action

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Welcome to the top 10 countdown of the creatures with the fastest reflex action! Reflex action is the swift, involuntary response to a stimulus. From marmosets to spiders, we’re going to explore the animals with the quickest reactions in the animal kingdom. Let’s get counting!


In tenth place we find the marmoset. The marmoset is a small New World monkey from South America and can respond to visual cues faster than other primates. They have to be vigilant for predators and foraging for food, hence their gene for quick reactions. 

In ninth place we have the mantis shrimp. The mantis shrimp has a vision system that works at speeds far faster than any other animal on earth. Its remarkable eyes enable it to spot prey in an instant and launch its strike in an eye blink. 

Coming in at eighth is the tiny yet ferocious trap-jaw ant. Measuring no more than half an inch in length, this industrious insect launches its striking mandibles at 150 mph when threatened, one of the fastest known movements of any animal. 

In seventh place is the star-nosed mole. The star-nosed mole is equipped with 22 appendages that look like tentacles around its nose. The tentacles allow the mole to detect prey in less than a tenth of a second and it can eat up to 200 worms per hour thanks to its lightning-fast reflexes.

The sixth spot goes to the Australian magpie. This black and white songbird can respond to visual and auditory stimuli within a tenth of a second and can pick out where within a millisecond or two, making it one of the fastest responding birds on earth. 

In fifth place is the archerfish. This master of aquatic archery can shoot high-pressure jets of water from its mouth and can home in on prey with incredible accuracy in a fraction of a second. 

The fourth position is occupied by the daggerfly. This tiny insect can fly forward with the slightest disturbance and can do so with lightning speed, some species reaching up to 1,000 mph when hunting their prey. 

In third place comes one of nature’s most dangerous creatures, the cone snail. This small yet venomous snail has developed a reflex response system that allows it to attack its prey before they have time to react and escape, allowing it to capture them with lightning efficiency. 

The runner-up spot goes to the jumping spider. These little arachnids have lightning-fast reflexes that allow them to detect and react to threats from large predators within a split second so they can jump away in safety. 

And in first place, we have the reflex king – the mosquito! The mosquito’s incredible reaction speed allows it to detect changes in its environment and move towards its prey almost instantaneously, making it the fastest responding creature in the animal kingdom. 

So there you have it — the top 10 creatures with the fastest reflex action! Thanks for watching and until next time, bye!

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