Dog smile

Dog smile Are dogs really smiling at us? A Scientific Look at Why Dogs Smile and Why We Can’t Quite Agree on the Answer This is a question that has been asked by many people and has been studied by scientists. The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. It all […]

Cat paralyzed back legs

Cat paralyzed back legs What is cat paralysis? Cat paralysis is a condition that is characterized by a sudden inability to move any of the cat’s limbs. It can be caused by various factors, such as spinal cord injury, brain damage, and other diseases. Cat paralysis can also be caused by an injury to the […]

Campylobacter in dogs

Campylobacter in dogs What Dog Owners Should Know About Campylobacter Campylobacter is a bacteria that causes diarrhea in humans and animals. The most common way to get it is through contact with contaminated food or water. It can also be spread from person to person, especially if the person has not washed their hands after […]

Can cats see spirits?

Can cats see spirits? How Cats See Ghosts, Spirits, and Revenants There is a popular belief that cats can see ghosts, spirits, and revenants. The folklore and superstitions associated with this were in part due to the cat’s nocturnal habits, natural stealth, and ability to see at night. Cats have been seen acting restless and […]

Dogs with dementia

Dogs with dementia Introduction: What is dementia? Dogs can suffer from dementia, which is a progressive brain disease. It often results in behavioral changes and reduced cognitive function that can be difficult to manage. Dementia in dogs is a progressive brain disease that affects their cognitive function and behavior. It often results in behavioral changes […]

Omega 3 for Dogs

Omega 3 for Dogs What You Need to Know and Why It’s Important Introduction Omega 3 is a type of essential fatty acid that is good for the heart and brain. Omega 3 for dogs is a supplement that contains Omega 3s. It is important to note that it may not be safe for humans […]